Bailey's 5 Star Pecans and Cattle


Originally Camp Ranch (1907-1961) was best known for the sweet potatoes grown here. The Camp brothers held a patent for their process of curing the sweet potatoes for storage. Camp Ranch also produced apples, corn, alfalfa, hogs, Irish potatoes, pecans, and some peaches. Somewhere around 1920, the Camp Brothers planted pecans trees. They planted more in 1922, 1926, 1928 up through 1938. Camp Ranch also had a sawmill, a store, and a school for the workers children. In the heyday, Camp Ranch was home to 20-25 families.

   In 1961, Dr. Fred Watson bought Camp Brothers Farm. He named the place, Five-Star Ranch because of the 5 types of agriculture he produced: apples, pecans, vegetables, horses, and cattle. The inspiration came from a star shaped window he saw in a house on Hwy 48 near Castle. There were approximately 3,000 apple trees, 10 acres of grapes along with almost 2,000 pecan trees on Five-Star at that time.
   Dr. Watson sold the place to Don and Nina Hassell in 1969. The Hassell’s produced pecans and Angus cattle on the place until 1973.

   From 1973-2003 5-Star Ranch was divided and owned by several different owners (not all of whom are mentioned). East Five-Star was sold to H.E. Bailey who later sold to Dr. Little. West Five-Star was sold to Taylor, then Merle Buttes of Seminole, and later to Parker.
   In 1984 Don and Nina Hassell bought back West Five-Star. They also managed East Five-Star . They continued to produce pecans and Angus cattle.
   In 2003, the Carner family, from New Mexico, bought West Five-Star from Mr. and Mrs. Hassell and East Five-Star from Dr. Little.
The Carner family produced pecans and cattle on 5-Star Ranch until 2007.

    In 2006 Leon and Judy Bailey bought 80 acres of previous Camp Ranch land with pecan trees to add to their current pecan operation, Bailey Pecan Farm. In 2008, they purchased the 1350 acres of 5-Star Ranch. Now known as Bailey’s 5 Star Pecans and Cattle, the Bailey family continues the tradition of producing pecans and cattle. An arena, known as Bailey’s 5 Star Arena, has been constructed behind the old water plant. The arena was the site of the 1st ever Bailey’s 5 Star Ranch Rodeo on September 19, 2009.

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